Punctuation is so important

You may be familiar with the internet meme, “Commas save lives”. It’s the one where a single sentence can mean entirely different things based on where it is punctuated with a comma.

Let’s eat Grandad.

Let’s eat, Grandad.

You know the one now, yes?

A recent post on boards had a subject line of:

“caught a company trying to dump revenge ideas needed”.

Nothing really unusual in seeing badly punctuated sentences on internet forums. Even less unusual is the inevitable “grammar nazi” correcting the original poster. The following response on the thread from one of the afformentioned grammar nazis was priceless and hilarous.

Here it is :

Caught a company. Trying to dump. Revenge ideas needed.

Caught a company trying to dump revenge! Ideas needed.

Caught – a company trying to dump. Revenge? Ideas needed.

Caught, a company trying. To dump revenge? Ideas needed!

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