10 comments you could just cut and paste into any article on The Journal and it would be totally fine..

  1. The government need 2 be called to account. Itsa dizgrace what dey r doing . Why should we have to put up with this. storm the dail now. bertie and his like and cowen all of them ruined the country.
  2. Burn the bondholders. Enda and Noonan and the lot of them with their property tax and they don’t have to worry about day to day living expenses with their cushy jobs and drivers and pensions and free hair dos and free drink in the bar. Feck the lot of them.
  3. The previous commenter doesn’t have a clue what he or she is talking about. Read my 2,000 word theory below on why I am right and you are wrong.
  4. Muppets.
  5. I think it’s awful the way people downvoted the previous comments. Why do people do that. People are sooo horrible on the internet.
  6. Abortion is murder. Your are wrong, I am right.
  7. Abortion is not murder. Your are wrong. I am right.
  8. The catholic church should give all their money to the poor and solve world hunger. Meanwhile, I am drinking my skinny frappe latte and give fuck all to any charity.
  9. The Journal, this article is pointless. Is there not more important things to be writing about?
  10. Ehhh. You’d want to check the spelling on that headline.

Take your pick, go forth and multiply on The Journal

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