Who’s this @young_kubrick ?

Browsing on the Irish Times website today I noticed a small video running along the side of the screen. Didn’t take a lot of notice of it until the end when it showed the @young_kubrick Twitter address. Obviously a viral campaign but I was curious enough to click through to the Twitter account. Lots of marketing, pr and media people on the list of friends and followers which confirms the viral. Found a boards.ie thread where someone is wondering WTF is going on – a young fella advertising his twitter account on RTE and the Irish Times websites.

Here’s the video

I’m taking a guess that it’s for Disneyland Paris which has a New Generations festival running from April 2nd. Seeing as lastminute.ie are promoting it on their website and the the young_kubrick is Sean Og LAST – they might be asking youngsters to make a video to win a trip to Disneyland Paris.

Probably totally wrong though. What do you reckon it’s for?

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