Back of fag box book review – The Man inside the Jacket by Mr. Tayto


Text of review reads:

Despite being the most loved snack food in Ireland, we dont know much about the man whose face has been smiling happily from bags of crisps in Ireland for over 50 years.

Many people cite Bill Cullen’s rags to riches story as being an example for all entrepreneurs to follow. The Mr. Tayto story gives oul penny apple man a run for his money.

For the first time ever, we get an insight into the life of this enigmatic icon. Written in plain language and with plenty of photographs sprinkled throughout, Mr Tayto tells it all with help from the men behind Podge and Rodge.

The book is a limited edition and for under six quid it’s a bargain. A contribution from the sale goes to Aware as well. Just buy it.

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