This week’s header image on le craic


One of life’s simple pleasures? Walking along a beach and doing a spot of beachcombing. Totally free and there’s always the possibility of finding a message in a bottle.

Image owned by sethertonb (CC License)


  1. Dear AJ, I have pondered on the caption of your header (thank god it’s soon time for next week’s) and I know now why it kept regurtitating on me – no, not the picture: I live a stone throw (make that a five minute walk) away from the coast so I am no stranger to shells, stones and sand. But your quote, on the side, makes me quite sad, correction, laugh. If it’s true I shall never be wise.

    I knew there was a catch. Opinionated yours,


  2. It’s a universal concept – we’re all in the same boat when it comes to opinions

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