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Described as a “creepy baby in a dorm on Trinity’s campus”.

I’ll bet the doll in the window is a signal to whoever shares the room that the other person has company. Or maybe someone is being held against their will in the room and they managed to put the doll in the window (while their captor slept) in the hope someone would wander over asking the question “why is there a creepy baby in this dorm room window”.

Photo owned by misterfifths (CC License)


  1. AJ, someone has obviously watched too many zombie films recently.

    There is nothing creepy about that doll. My sister was given the exact same make and thus was envied by all aspiring and future mothers amongst her peer group (she herself has five children now – let that be a lesson to all parents who give their daughters a pretty doll. Still – I suppose someone has to keep the world population going).

    I find the image rather touching. Maybe when coming home that Trinity student looks up at her window and feels comforted being greeted by her doll (in absence of a cat who fulfills similar function). Maybe she has an artistic bent – say, interior design. Maybe her doll is bored and asked for “a window with a view”. Maybe she (the student) is short of funds and advertises her services as can be found in similar displays in certain parts of Amsterdam. One picture – many a story.


  2. Bejesus that’s creepy. Imagine pulling up to that house at night in the car…the headlights catching the cold dead stare of the plastic infant staring back at you …


  3. That’s my Tiny Tears doll and I want her back!!
    Seriously though, I had that exact doll when I was about 5 as well, it’s a very old dolly so possibly passed from an older sister or even mother to a young college student, as Ursula suggested possibly a comfort thing. Aw!

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