1. AJ, Felix’s father was aghast, though caved in under pressure, when I insisted that the apple of my eye was going to be given the one and only true “Steiff” teddy bear. It’s nothing to do with the fact it cost £120 and will probably be worth a fortune in about a million years’ time. It was a matter of principle, not least to do with the motherland, and that every child needs a teddy (and other soft toys) to love and cherish. And even fourteen years later “Papa Bear” still occupies pride of place in our house. He even growls if put into right position.

    You touch on unconditial love. That’s what we get from our mother, indeed a teddy bear and, if lucky, a good friend. As to lofts and neglected toys, and since you are an uncle who might read to his sibling’s offspring, I highly recommend “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams, illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith. It’s a story about what is “REAL”.


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