Boxes of meat – rarrr


This came through the door the other day. A flyer from a local butcher advertising BOXES OF MEAT! If I was a meat eater I’d be falling over myself to:


But how could I choose between all these BOXES OF MEAT! The appetising photograph of raw sausages is almost enough to tempt a veggie back to eating flesh again. OMM NOMMM


There’s 2 large BOXES OF MEAT to choose from for only €50. Here’s what’s in one of them:

2 Striploin Steaks, 4 pork chops, 1 large cut of Back Bacon, 2 x 5 pk rashers, 2lbs sausages, 2 rings of pudding (black or white), 3 chicken meals.

If BOXES OF MEAT! are to be advertised on the radio, it has to be the 12 days of Christmas as the tune to list the contents in the BOXES (ok, I’ll stop over emphasising boxes of meat)

Anyone else seen boxes of meat being advertised locally, or is Wicklow leading the way in this?

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