Remember Us?


A few weeks ago I was sorting through a load of books in my room and came across US.

Saturday 1st October 2005. A day like any other in Ireland apart from the fact that the Ray D’Arcy show asked listeners to take a photograph on that day and send it in to the show.

The aim? To create a “snapshot of Today’s Ireland. The Irish. Us.” 20,000 photographs were received by the show. They had a mammoth task to sort through them all. The final result was a wonderful book produced and sold in aid of Childline.

If the project was undertaken today, I’ve no doubt it would show that we are still the same. Despite the changed circumstances the country finds itself in, we are still us.

We still laugh.

We still play.

We still make funny faces in photographs.

We still get married.

We still celebrate the arrival of new life.

We still care for our senior citizens.

We still wear our county colours with pride.

We stillĀ toast our good health.

We still enjoy our heritage.

We still run free on the beaches.

We love.

We cry.

We dance.

We pray.

We dream.

We make music.

We hold hands.

We are still us.

We always have been us.

We always will be us.


  1. Nicely chosen AJ! It is well worth a trip – though not with Phil Icedcoffee and his frequent need to change angles to get a great photo. Heart crossways he did put in me!

  2. A blog could do the same today to illustrate how Ireland has changed… One snapshot, one day, many perspectives. Maybe filter out the pictures and posts over the following few months…

    Hey, just cause i have the idas doesn’t mean I have the time. Someone take it and run with it!

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