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The Roe V Ryanair saga has rumbled on and gained momemtum since Jason first posted about it on his blog last week. When both your parents mention the story and say “did you hear about that other blogger and Ryanair” you know it’s reached critical mass 🙂

It’s just another example of Ryanair’s attitude when it comes to dealing with customers. If they were on the excellent website, how would they be described? It’s a website that randomly presents a brand name on screen and visitors to the site are asked to type a word that they associate with that brand.

2 words that pop into my mind when someone mentions Ryanair are “cheap” and “nasty”. And yet, people continue, and will continue to fly the airline because of their prices. Niall Harbison has an excellent post about Jason’s experience as a blogger at the hands of Ryanair.

We will see more Roe V Ryanair spats in future, because Ryanair really don’t give a shit about customer care. They operate from a position of knowing their value led offers are compelling for cost conscious travellers. And the majority of us ARE cost conscious when it comes to air travel.

Following the story on Twitter has had my mind working overtime on what could bloggers do to turn this story around and shake off the “lunatic blogger” label. So, if you have a blog and feel so inclined to stick two fingers up to Ryanair and say “You don’t have to be monumentally ignorant pricks all the time” I invite you to blog your “Opposite of Ryanair” story from March 2nd to March 16th.

Blog about any company, large or small, that are the opposite of Ryanair. Give a shout out to those businesses that do give a shit because we don’t talk up the good stories enough. We all have stories about good customer experiences and might not have blogged them – so now is the time. Shops, restaurants, tradesmen, the girl on the checkout, whoever it is, whatever it is – tell people “This is the opposite of Ryanair.”

Maybe, just maybe, Ryanair will see all these and think “shit yeah, we don’t have to be monumentally ignorant pricks all the time” and they might not think we’re lunatics either.


  1. Lol, I think I kind of jumped the gun with my latest post which fits the bill. Excellent idea and I will certainly have another for the dates mentioned. It’s also a good reminder for those of us in business who do care about our customers to ensure that we maintain high standards of service.

  2. Mhhh, Ryanair and I, we have a love-hate relationship.

    There are advantages and disadvantages – but if you know them, you can deal with them.
    One of the things that really annoy me is the fact that Ryanair somehow always manages to be late. The last 4 times I’ve been flying with them, 1 (ONE!) out of 8 flights has been on time. The other times they were always late by at least half an hour, mostly more than that.
    Since I’m normally flying to Germany to visit family and friends, I need to go to a specific airport – perfect would be Hamburg but Ryanair doesn’t fly to Hamburg. They get me to Bremen, which is also not too bad, but Hamburg would be nicer, since it’s easier to get away from there (ok, my fault – I need to go to the middle of nowhere)
    But then again, I’m always checking aerlingus as well, because I’ve made good experiences with them, and they don’t fly at all to Hamburg OR Bremen OR Lübeck or any other city that would be acceptable, at least not in winter. All the others like Lufthansa, Air Berlin and so on are just too expensive if you are a person who’s travelling more than once a year.

    So I really don’t have much of a choice. There are a lot of things that are annoying about Ryanair, but for my expectations they provide what I need – a flight that will fly (even though it’s late) to an airport not too far away to where I’m going at a reasonable price. The flight doesn’t take long, so I can do without much comfort – I can survive 2 hours in an uncomfortable seat, and I also can survive 2 hours without buying absolutely overpriced sandwiches on the plane.

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  4. Check out a sign we made for Jason.
    When you cost in the additional charges from Ryanair, Aer Lingus isn’t that much dearer. They treat you with respect both on and off the plane and allocate you a seat so you sit beside someone you know. You get what you pay for and I just don’t want it that cheap, service costs.

  5. Good idea. I wrote a bit about our experiences with Virgin Atlantic last November when I flew with my autistic son and they were so helpful in every way. I can’t imagine Ryanair putting themselves out in the least to help us without charging extra for every little thing.

  6. Great post of yours Derry – going to link to any stories that are published over the 2 weeks.

    Hi Katha – there’s probably a lot of people like yourself that have no choice in who they fly with, which is a pity.

    Hi Fran – love your creations! I’m with you re: Aer Lingus. I know they had a PR disaster a while back about business class flights, but they don’t have an arrogant attitude like Ryanair.

    hi Sharon, please do another post on your experience with Virgin or any others too and flag as the opposite of Ryanair – so I can find them easily through irishblogs or a search on google.

    Hi Shane, ‘ll keep an eye on Irishblogs and google search or email me a link to any post you do – or trackbacks either

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