1 in 3 Irish people are content to let homeless people stay on the street

This is a really thought provoking and wonderful video.

Makes me wonder about the results of an online poll run by RTE.ie.

It asked “Should unsold, vacant housing be used temporarily for homeless people?”


1 in 3 people think homeless people should “figure it out on their own”. At least it’s a minority view, but quite a sizeable and surprisingly large minority.

It’s impossible to second guess what image someone voting in the poll has of “homeless people”, but I’m guessing it’s street homelessness – the toughest existence in a civilised country. That makes those 29% who voted to “let them figure it out on their own” to be lacking in basic human compassion.

Maybe online polls are just a waste of time or maybe the poll should have defined what homelessness is, and the work Focus Ireland do?


  1. Wow, a great video. Reminded me of this but obviously with a more passionate and heartfelt edge to it.

    Those stats are surprising in one sense but then you only have to look around Dublin to see them reflected and evident on the streets.

    Funny, ever since Homepages I’ve been chasing Focus Ireland for an interview and story to find out what they do and haven’t got anywhere. Strange city sometimes, eh.

  2. Homepages really opened my eyes to the broader definition of homelessness. It’s sad to see people on the streets though, especially at this time of year with the cold weather.

    hadn’t noticed the maths error I have to say 🙂

    But I have noticed some typos, and I woke up an about 2.30 last night from a dream that i had typos in this very post but I went back to sleep – and look now – there were typos.

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