Irish Apprentice Watch – Week 8 – The one with the finger painting

With apologies to Ian for taking so long to get this online. I am a bad boy.

Review by Ian Walsh

This week’s show was always going to be the anti-climax after Joanna’s demise last week. None of her fellow candidates missed her as they all raised their champagne glasses and rejoiced in true ‘ding-dong the witch is dead’ style.

While we waved goodbye to Joanna there were remains of her bitching left back at camp. Shane was getting a little excited in getting his point across to Brenda and bordered on aggressive at times, but she persevered and went against him. Nicky and her part-time friend Orla were fighting yet worked together fine on the task but it was a different story in the boardroom.

This week’s task was to devise a new brand and logo to replace travel value shopping at Dublin Airport and it was a pretty poor attempt from both sides. Bill’s righthand man Jackie Stallone said it was ‘quite awful’. Team Phoenix and their primary school standard drawing/painting of an aeroplane on the wall certainly raised eyebrows. What were they thinking? It was absolutely SHOCKING from my point of view. But somehow they managed to win, on a kindof technicality.

This was due to Orla’s epic fail in not googling her teams name choice of ‘Buy n’ Fly’ which is already registered here. Orla was positive both she and the team did Google it, although she echoed Joanna’s style in being economical with the truth.

This should have been her downfall but sadly it wasn’t. Corkman Paddy O’ Dea got the chop. His ‘lovely way’ could not save him from this. In fairness he was throw in at the deep-end much to the amusement of the behind the scenes crew, when Orla and Nicky dashed off into town to meet the design team. Paddy was left to his own devices to design the display unit for the products.

I didn’t feel he deserved to be fire. True, he was a bit laid back and he had to endure the Nicky and Orla yawnfest in the boardroom. He wisely chose not to get involved, and fair play to him because he had no reason to do so. Nicky and Orla were warriors and fought to be given yet another chance. I feel Orla should have been fired for not doing her homework on the Buy n’ Fly name and for conveniently forgetting the fact she didn’t even Google it.

I am still sticking with Sarah to win, although Stuart is still the dark horse and is really proving himself in the run-up to the finale.

Next week we have to wait an extra hour for The Apprentice due to the return of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, so its 10pm and not 9pm, boohoo.

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  1. Ate-in’ and drinking on this one eh?. Keep up the good work aj. I look forward to the updates on The Apprentice.
    Le buichas.

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