Irish Apprentice Watch – Week 7 – Ding dong the witch is dead…

Review by Ian Walsh

‘Oh my God’ shrieked Joanna when she learned that her ‘cream of the crop’ Team Dynamo had lost. This may have been one shock but the best was yet to come. Joanna’s usual frozen smile was soon turned to shock when Bill asked ‘Who is Ray Murphy?’ a hesitant Joanna looked as if she was going to deny knowing her own husband, as we later learned. We all know that Joanna is not one to ‘hide in the long grass’ or ‘wait in the bushes’ so it was always going to be an explosive exit.

Basically Joanna sent an email to her husband on Friday evening to ‘rally the troops’, aka her friends and family to raid a close by recycle centre and bring the goods to her recycle centre in Naas, unknown to her fellow team mates. I would suggest watching the show back again because I have done so and it appears a little more apparant to me. Of course this full scale fiddle proved to be Joanna’s downfall as all her hard work of cheating came crumbling down around her. She was asked ‘to think outside the box’ but Joanna ‘brought the box’ in her words. The one she was to be carted out of the show in, dominant till the end. That’s Joanna alright!

If she thought Bill had fired the girl with the ‘liaroidi’ she had another thing coming especially when her talk of making Bill choose who was to come back into the boardroom turned out to be a load of hot air as she brought in Orla and Nicky with her. They were clearly isolated from the task and were left pounding the pavements of Naas with megaphones, stilettos, and high visibility jackets. A bitchy Joanna defined her reason for this as ‘I couldn’t stand to spend even a second more with them’

Mark’s comment comes back to me about Joanna ‘burning her bridges’ with everyone in the house, and this is proof if ever there was proof.

This review has turned into the ‘Joanna show’ which would only delight the dethroned cheating “wagon face”.

Moving swiftly along then, elsewhere I thought team Phoenix were outstanding this week in all areas. They showed great initiative by getting their recycle day publicised on the radio and even by the priest at mass! The whole of team Phoenix would deserve to be in the final just based on that performance. Sarah was the stand out for me after her lacklustre performance as project manager last week. Both she and Shane were outstanding. She is also the only candidate not to be brought back into the boardroom yet. I’m going to back her to win now!

And after losing potential winners the last two weeks in the form of Mark and Joanna, it has blown the whole competition wide open for anyone to win now. So next week will be really make or break for the candidates and hopefully someone will take the lead as the new front runner.

P.S. by A.J.

I was going to do a Photoshop with Joanna as Jack Nicholson in the Shining, but I just didn’t have time. Instead here’s the screen cap I would have used. I should have used Joanna’s face for the Hallowe’en mask thingy I did.



  1. have a look at when joanna comes from the board room after bill fires here, look close, hahaha she pissed herself hahaha, no so great now is she, all talk she was thats all… bill got stuck in to her and she pissed herself hahahah whats a twat she is… attention seeking bitch

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