Louis Walsh’s new girl band lineup


Update 8.30pm 30th September: Leanne Moore confirmed as NOT in the line up.

Update 8.40pm 29th September : Quite possibly the Mirror (and therefore this post) has jumped the gun and this lineup may have put Leanne Moore in, when it should be Leigh Learmont. Will update again when more information to hand.

Lous Walsh’s new €1 million girl band lineup was revealed in the Mirror today.

Are these the new Girl’s Aloud? From left to right they are:

Sharon Condon: Finalist in the RTE talent search competition, You’re A Star. She was hotly tipped to win the competition outright but was beaten by fellow band member Leanne Moore. 23 year old Sharon lives in Co. Kildare but is originally from Dublin.

Corinna Duran: 22 year old Corrina is being dubbed as the “Nadine” of the band – with striking good looks and a powerful voice.

Jodi Albert: Jodi, at 25, is the oldest member of the band and is well known for her role in Hollyoaks. She is currently engaged to Kian Egan, one of the Westlife boys.

Kasey Smith: 18 year old Casey is the youngest member of the group and has done some fashion modelling. She is from Dublin.

The band’s first single will be released before the end of the year. No name for the band yet – suggestions on a postcard….


  1. Skin Deep.



    The Nepotisms.

    Depth of Puddle.

    The list goes on . .

  2. This is NOT the final line up, a girl named leigh learmont is in the band…which means one of these girls is not, and this girl is after having her picture plastered all over the papers even though she didnt make it.

  3. anyone know the name of the band. cokewhores sound like a good name maybe

  4. Seems like there’s sour grapes here. These girls have worked hard and deserve some respect. Maybe Fireflies, The Lovelies, Ireland’s Eye, Congrats girls may you have many long years of success….

  5. Will never be anywhere near as good as the saturdays!!! or even girls aloud. louis just got the idea because the saturdays were just set up and doing really good! such wannabe’s!

  6. Girls aloud are brilliant and this new girlband will be even better!(”,) ”, the band name should be “deja vu”

  7. The Saturdays and Girls Alou are all we need there world class already, we don’t need this rubbish new group!

  8. The band are brilliant. KC is an amazing single and u will all be so shocked when you hear them sing you will all be blown away!!! if i remember correctly the band was set up just before “the saturdays” cant wait till they realise there first songs there amazing!!!

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