What is procrastination?

DIT graduate Johnny Kelly produced this as a graduation film for his subsequent MA in the Royal College of Art.

Brilliant stuff and a totally procrastinatastic way to kick off your week!

More brilliance on Johnny’s website


  1. AJ, I tell you what procrastination is: It’s starting to polish silver I don’t even have, pulling weeds I thought were flowers and writing to you. As a matter of urgency, can you send me some Irish energy and motivation, fresh from the source – please. This is an SOS to be taken seriously. I have so much money to earn I have lost the will to start, thus doing the non-paying ironing instead. And it’s Tuesday, already.


  2. Oh crap, I’m about 11 hours too late I’m afraid! Energy and motivation – all out of it now but I find just saying positive words does it for me – like Awesome, Brilliant, Deadly, Fantastic, Amazing, Superb, Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious – or something 🙂

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