Does anyone compare prices properly?

In the supermarket, are you the kind of shopper that is like a fly to the fly paper of the BOGOF? Or are you like me, taking note of the per kg cost of the item and making your choice accordingly? I often wonder if I’m wasting my time looking at those labels. Are they properly calculated and updated regularly is a question that crosses my mind. I wish I was a whizz at the old mental arithmetic to work these things out in my head. 

Unfortunately, maths was never a strong point of mine. I was consigned to a “slow learners” group for maths when I was in national school. I think the problem arose when a teacher recommended to my parents that I skip a class. She said I was a very bright child and didn’t need 2nd class at all.

My parents took the teachers advice and I was separated from my 1st class friends and went straight to 3rd class the next year. I’ve often wondered what possessed this teacher to recommend such a thing for me. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the norm. 

Maths homework was a trying experience to say the least. Many a tantrum was thrown when I failed to grasp concepts my father tried to explain to me in his efforts to help. The only saving grace for me was the wonderful kindness of the teacher who helped us slow learners. As well as giving us the extra maths tuition we needed, he read for us every day just before noon. It was usually a Roald Dahl story. My favourite was “Danny the Champion of the World”. If I stop now and listen, I can hear his voice casting a magic spell over me with the story of a boy I wanted to be. I have him to thank for my love of books, so maybe that skipped year wasn’t so bad after all.

All of this was brought to mind by the briefest of exchanges with a customer today. She enquired about the price of ‘Thank You’ cards. I gave the price and I was told that Boots were cheaper. It was only after she went, that I calculated (using Calc on the PC) I’m actually cheaper than Boots by 10 cent per invite. Of course, it didn’t occur to me to work out the price while she was standing there. 

My shins are still sore from the kicking I gave myself 🙂

Feel free to share your good/bad school stories in the comments (favourite teacher, subject etc. – whatever comes to mind).


  1. Hadn’t ever heard of that one Thrift, I shall add it to my list thanks.

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