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So I was listening to Darragh on Newstalk last night and it got me thinking about memes. I’ve been blogging away for quite a while now, and secretly thinking to myself I’d one day get someone tagging me with one. I know some people absolutely hate them, but at least you know you’re part of something and people think enough of you to want to take part. So, feeling a little bit like the kid who no one likes because he smells bad or what not, I started looking to see if there was a meme I could start myself – and I found one that I really like so I’m going to kick it off.

It’s a picture chain. I start off with the above photograph and email this photo to someone else.

That person has to print it out in 6×4 format (all the photo kiosks print to that size) and then take a shot of the photograph with something in their world.

They then pass that photo on to someone else who gets it printed and takes a photo and so on.

Take a look at this website and it all becomes clear. It’s recommended to start with something not too complicated to begin with – so this photo was taken a short while ago out the back. The blue of the sky will stand out in the next photograph.

I have to think of someone to send this photo to. There’s really only one person I’d like to send it to. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like memes, but I might just annoy her with it anyway. I’ll create a special page to show the chain of photos as it progresses.

Oh, and don’t start hitting me with memes now that I’ve said I felt left out – I don’t want any sympathy memes thanks 🙂


  1. Too late – so going to tag you, next meme I get.

    Ah go on, send her the meme – you never know, she may like it. Sounds like a great idea AJ, good luck with it 🙂

  2. You better not tag me now – what did I say? no sympathy memes!

  3. There you go, Darragh can be the first tag while you wait and see how it goes with Ms Anti-MeMe! That way he doesn’t have to tag you back 🙂

    Nice random pic btw!

    It’s hard to choose people to nominate on things like this! There’s always a worry of leaving someone out to select a person who actually hates them. I tried to get around that by nominating bands on OHR, it was fairly successful but very difficult to manage the resulting spread – We Should Be Dead turned it into 100 WSBD facts that are still on-going….

  4. It’s pronounced “meem” Rosie. Supposed to be a pun on “gene” – coined by Richard Dawkins in…

    Ah feck it, just go read Wikipedia 😛

  5. Only when it comes to memes and things that distract you from doing other more useful and productive stuff.

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