Book review – The London Eye Mystery

LndneyemysteryA few weeks ago, Rosie posted about getting some free time back after her studies which gave her the opportunity to do some leisurely reading. One of the books she read was The London Eye Mystery. Being a generous and thoughtful sort, she offered to send the book anonymously to anyone with a 9 to 12 year old child that would appreciate the book. I threw my niece’s hat into the ring and Rosie sent the book out to her anonymously.

I had to ring my sister to double check her address. Unfortunately, when the book came she let slip that I was getting it sent out, so the mystery thing was ruined. Still, Karina was thrilled to get a book through the post. She was here this evening and I asked her if she’d do a review some time for the blog. “No hurry”, says I, “You’ll probably need a bit of time to think about it”. Not so with Karina, she wanted to do it there and then and she requisitioned the notebook and began typing away.

So here it is, Karina’s review of the book (which she is sending on to a friend after I reminded her), with thanks again to Rosie for sending it out.

“The London Eye Mystery is about three children named Ted, Salim and Kat. Salim is visiting Kat and Ted, his cousins, as he and his mother will shortly be moving to New York. Ted is unlike any other chlild. He is not disabled but his brain works in a very straightforword way. He does not understand sarcastic phrases or sayings. He is fascinated by the weather and wishes to be a meteorologist when he is older. He never lies but soon will take a walk on the wild side.

When Salim arrives the next day, Ted and Kat’s mother Faith and Salim’s mother Gloria think it’s a good idea to go and do an activity. When Ted mentions the idea of the London Eye everyone agrees that it is a great suggestion. Ted, Kat and Salim all queue for the tickets while Gloria and Faith stop in a nearby coffee shop. The line is extremely long and they’re at the back.

A mysterious man walks up and offers them a free ticket for the next ride as he is afraid of heights. Since Kat and Ted both have been on the Eye before, they offer the ticket to Salim who has never even been in London before. Salim goes up at exactly 11:32 and his pod arrives at exactly 12:32. Everyone gets off but where is Salim? Join Ted and Kat in their adventure to find their cousin Salim, no matter what the cost!

I enjoyed this book greatly and is an exellent read! Out of five stars I would give a 3 and a half!

Written by : Karina Blood, Age 11”


  1. A great idea to keep the book alive by sending it on – really glad you enjoyed it Karina. If you haven’t already read it I’d pick up a copy of The Thing With Finn – can’t recommend it enough!

  2. actually… my copy of The Thing With Finn needs a new home too, if Karina would like to pass that on too?

  3. Did you not get the memo triple B’dum? I did a back of fag box review on Monday? Was 2 B’dums not enough for you?

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