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A very quick Friday Eyedrops this week – time is not on my side this Thursday…

I have mentioned before that I like books and also magazines. One magazine I tried for the first time this week was The New Yorker. All I can say is best €6.71 I spent all week. I’ve ordered a subscription too – now I now how Walter Kiam felt when he was “so impressed” that he “bought the company”.

This one article in particular I found fascinating and is quite simply a must read. It’s all about itching, brains and bodies. If you’re working right now, don’t attempt to read this right away, it deserves your full attention.  Print it out and read it tonight.

If you’re like me, you will feel itchy at some point during this and be reminded again of the mystery of our lives.

I’m sure lots of you have already discovered the New Yorker but I’m glad I’ve taken up the habit now!

Second magazine I bought this week was Monocle. It was on the shelf below the New Yorker and it stood out on the shelf + it had a special Design supplement which interested me. The tagline for the magazine is “A briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design”. Worth a read too. Had to laugh when I saw the reader survey on the back page. One of the questions was the household income. First box to tick was “Up to £100k” – last box to tick was “More than £7m”.  Ever read a magazine and feel like you shouldn’t be reading it. Seeing that survey, I did!


The latest Road Safety Authority of Ireland campaign was in the news this week. It’s called “He drives, she dies”. Research shows that two thirds of women who died in car crashes were passengers in cars driven by men.

This is another in a long line of ads targetted at young men and their bad driving habits. I can’t help getting the feeling that this sort of campaign is like telling someone they are “no good” until they start to believe it. They then act accordingly because everyone expects it of them anyway.

Maybe speed regulators on cars for young drivers would be a more sensible and life saving solution?


This video isn’t on Youtube so you’ll have to follow this link to watch. It’s a series of “15 x 20 second Idents for Russian channel ‘Bibigon’”. Lots of fun facts that you might not have known, including a very interesting one about pigs!


  1. AJ, you are talking to the converted. A friend of mine (American) bought me a subscription for The New Yorker some years ago and has kept it going. Just the covers are great: Recently I framed an issue, hung it on the wall, only to realise I hadn’t read the contents yet. Admittedly, I don’t always get the cartoons; but then I am not American.

    Young men and motors: As nature intended, the battle is between brains and testosterone levels. I know that in the case of Felix his brains will win when at the wheel, my worry being when he is a passenger in a hellraiser’s car. Insurance premiums do, of course, reflect the age range.

    I shouldn’t be facetious on as serious a subject as you raised: However, if more women drove and more men just sat quietly in the passenger seat, reading the map and saying “right, left, straight on” we’d all be much safer – and would arrive at the right destination.

    Happy Saturday,

  2. I’ve been looking at some cartoons of theirs I found online, and like yourself, I don’t get some of them.

    It’s impossible to sit in a car and not comment on the other persons driving I think.

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