Ireland’s newest beach revealed


Yes folks, it was reported on the news yesterday morning that a truckload of sand was making it’s way from the sunny south east. The delivery was for what you see above, a beach in George’s Dock in Dublin.

It’s for the Docklands Urban Beach which opens today and runs right through until 20th July. Opening hours from 12pm to 8pm.

This tropical oasis will be the home to sizzling summer activities for the whole family. Complete with beach cabins, showers, lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, and a refreshment beach hut, the beach will have daily activities to suit everyone’s fancy.

If there is a God, hopefully he will smile on us. Or perhaps if the radio stations started playing Hail Glorious Saint Patrick, someone up there just might listen.

“Hail Glorious Saint Patrick, dear Saint of our Isle, on us thy poor children bestow a sweet smile (and some sun). Our hearts shall still burn wheresoever we roam, for God and Saint Patrick and our sunny home (pretty please).”

More details here. The before photo below. Happy 4th July everybody!


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