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Previously on le craic….

For Focal Sake – A 32 County Guide to Irish Slang. Hugh Jarce from left a comment on the original post so I chanced my arm and sent him an email to see if there were a few promotional copies for the good readers of le craic.

Hugh duly obliged and has very kindly offered 3 copies of the book for any of ye that would like one. You know the drill by know – leave a little note with the words ‘wantsies’ in the comments and Hugh will dispatch one to you. (Update : All books gone now)

Do check out the website as well –

Actually, Hugh turned out to be Cian Foley who put together the whole website and then went ahead and compiled the book and got it out for sale into the shops.

My hat goes off to him – it’s a great achievement. I bought 2 copies of the book myself – one for me and one went to my Dad for Father’s Day (which he loves, and he doesn’t read books normally), so even if you don’t win a copy it’s well worth the €9.99 price (which includes p&p).


  1. Paul, Eileen & Darren – 3 books on the way shortly. I’ll email ye later on to get postal addresses for Cian to send them out.

  2. If only there were more hours in the day I’d love to take up Irish slang – as it is I am still trying to complete my studies of the colourful variety of mainland Europe’s invectives.

    One of this household’s favourites used as a sort of shorthand is: “Meet the Fockers”(though for full impact it has to be pronounced like the Americans do in the film of the same title).


  3. My slang usage almost solely consists of “yoke”.

    …of course, my entire vocabulary almost solely consists of “yoke”.

  4. That would be an etymological matter Ursula (think Father Jack delivering that line) πŸ™‚

    G’wan ye mad yoke ye B’dum B’dum!

  5. Thanks AJ…

    Glad you enjoyed it… makes all the late nights worthwhile.

    I’ll be adding more and more updates to soon e.g. comment functionality, intersection of slang terms, search facility, shop and a lot more…

    The books are in the post!

    Hugh Jarce πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks a million AJ, the book arrived this morning, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it after work.


  7. Likewise, mine has arrived and I’ve been reading it over lunch. Very funny stuff. A lot of fun. I can see this book doing the rounds among my friends. Or is that the paper equivalent of illegal file sharing? Nevermind – they can buy their own copies. πŸ™‚

  8. All thanks to Cian for being a sound bloke for responding to my cheeky email πŸ™‚

    Did either of you see the hidden message on the book cover. See if you can find it!

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