Apprentice bits ahead of week 12

As you’re no doubt aware, tomorrow night is the finale – it’s the one where someone (hard to believe this year, I know) gets hired. In 24 hours time we shall know who the mighty Sugar will crown as his Apprentice. But before all that, you get one final pre Apprentice show Apprentice bits.

Paul Groves looks back
over this series ahead of tomorrow’s show and can’t pick a winner. Not because he can’t but because he doesn’t rate them. I tend to agree and think this series doesn’t have any stand outs like previous ones.

Trey Azam has the same opinion – but he IS going to say that isn’t he. Clever guy though.

The editor in chief of Reader’s Digest magazine has a very interesting take on reality TV and why Lucinda was never going to be the Apprentice.

‘Entrepreneurial expert’, Guy Kingston believes the Apprentice could lead to poorly run companies. Don’t see it myself, you would want to be a pretty naive individual to think running a business was anything like the Apprentice.

Previous apprentice winner, Michelle Dewberry has a new boyfriend who is a very well heeled friend of Prince William.

Claire and Lee dating apparantly, unless they are just perfecting dinosaur impressions together.

I didn’t get to see the programme “Why I fired them”, where Sir Alan gives his reasons for firing the candidates this series. Britishtvblog has a review of the programme. The only person Sir Alan regretted firing was Lucinda :

“He acknowledged that she was very intelligent and if she could settle down would run a division for him incredibly well. But he doubted she would ever settle.”

A fair enough comment I think.

That’s a full lid for this weeks bits. Don’t miss the final now…

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