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I already made a mention of a book I’m reading at the moment called Quirkology. It’s fascinating and I’m taking my time reading it because it’s one of those books I don’t want to get to the end of. Anyway, many of you will have heard about a very famous psychology experiment done in the 1960’s by Stanley Milgram. It was designed to test how much pain people would inflict on others when directed to do so by an authority figure (in this case a man in a white coat). Follow the link above if you want to read more. 60% of participants were prepared to deliver a potentially fatal shock to another human being just because the authority figure said so. Even though I’ve read about this experiment many times, I didn’t know about another similar experiment. Instead of actors playing the part of people getting electric shocks, they used live puppies. Incredibly, 50% of men delivered the maximum shock to the puppies versus 100% of women. This either shows that women are innately submissive or they really just don’t like dogs because they remind them of men, ergo women hate men? Thoughts on a postcard 🙂

Youtube video time. Superb promo for the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. The sheet music turns into a roller coaster. Bet you’ll watch this one twice at least.

An inspirational story. I had read this before and dug the book out last night as, for some reason, it came to my mind when I was doing the Apprentice review post. There are days when I feel like what I do doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, so this is a bit of a pick me up.

In the pioneering days of space research, John Kennedy was visiting NASA at Cape Canaveral. He had met many great scientists and researchers. He had met the men whose great ambition was to conquer space and walk on the surface of the moon. He had met administrators, accountants and many others whose contribution to the project was immense. Men and women who had a sense of destiny, purpose and pride.

Walking through the corridors on his way back to his limousine, he came across a stooped, grey-haired black man with a bucket in one hand and a mop in the other. It seemed to be quite a redundant question, but the president asked him politely, “And what do you do here at the Cape?”

Straightening his back, the cleaner looked square at the President, and with a strong sense of pride and dignity in his voice replied, “Sir, I’m doing the same as everyone else, I’m working here to put a man on the moon. That’s exactly what I’m doing here.”

If you are in the vicinity of Leopardstown on Sunday it might be worthwhile to drop by the Green Energy Fair. As well as having lots of ideas for home owners to reduce their carbon footprint, all your favourite green party people will be there – John Gormley, Eamon Ryan, Deirdre de Burca and Ciaran Cuffe. There’s foodie things there as well so it’s not just all about houses. I might pop along myself. It’s on Sunday from 11 to 6.

US postage stamp photo by mwboeckann and used under a creative commons license.

Via Frugal Ireland – €2 off Ben and Jerry’s Baked Alaska. Deb points out that it’s €3.24 in Te$co at the moment. Voucher valid until December. I’m stocking up – great deal…


  1. Seriosuly puppies??? I don’t like dogs, but who doesn’t like puppies? That is crazy! 100%! Wow. I think women are made of different stuff though. I caught some strange SAS type show the other day in which they train civilians as if they were in the SAS. They did a horrible 60 hours of interrogation, where they stripped them, tortured them, grilled them… it was awful. They could leave at any time. The men dropped like flies. Only one woman quit and it was about 15 minutes before the “exercise” was over. I guess I had expected the exact opposite. Interesting stuff.

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