Bluffrs Guide – May 19th to May 25th ’08

Fraud prevention company boss gets his comeuppance. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Sex change operations for kids? This is just wrong in a world where so many kids die from easily preventable diseases.

Parrot gets lost but eventually is returned to owners. I’m sure you can guess how he was reunited. There’s a clever parrot.

I love America, I really do. But when I read stories like this I have to shake my head in despair.

 FDA issues an alert on Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Cream. I’d have thought any type of product on nipples wouldn’t be a good idea for breastfeeding mothers?


  1. Only pure lanolin is supposed to be used by breastfeeding mothers and believe you me, it is wholelly necessary for anyone having difficulties! 🙂 Aren’t you glad you asked!? 😉

  2. Always glad to learn something new Deborah! Speaking with a new mother last Thursday she did tell me it was very sore at first but she’s used to it now – her baby is 6 weeks old now.

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