Get a makeover by Jennifer Maguire from the Apprentice


Jennifer Maguire was on with Ryan Tubridy on Saturday night talking about her experience on the Apprentice. She admitted to being more nervous meeting him than anything she did on the Apprentice, including going head to head with Sir Sugar in the boardroom. She reckons Jenny Celerier isn’t as bad as she was portrayed on the show (despire the chin). She also reckons that Nick Hewer just didn’t like her as he made comments about the Irish accent. She comes across well in interviews so the whole ice queen thing looks to be unjustified. Seems like we can’t always believe what we see on TV? Shocking.

Apart from the Apprentice related talk, Jennifer is embarking on a new venture in Dublin called Bella Makeover. The website is up and running and the studio is set to open on Friday 13th June, with (presumably) a media event of some sort. It’s going to offer photo shoots with a glamour makeover as well as family portraits.

Jennifer is now the one hiring and is advertising vacancies for makeup artists, photographers and marketing reps. CV’s to jennifer AT

Only bad mark I would give is the use of Shutterstock photographs in the Portfolio section on the site. It would be better to just say “Samples coming soon”, rather than putting photographs up there from a stock photo site. This is more the fault of the site designers though.

It’s a competitive business to be in but best of luck to her and I hope it all goes well.


  1. I will definitely be checking this out.

    I think she has great style and she’s looked amazing on everything I have seen so far

    Anyone see her on Tubridy last night???? I thought she came accross cold on the Apprentice BUT having seen her last night I think she is brilliant and how wrong we were. She was very warm and funny, I was so pleasantly surprised. Feck the English trying to make her out to be cold.

    She looked fantastic last night, even more of a superstar than Geri Halliwell.

    I wish her the best, we have to celebrate anyone who goes through what she went through, especially if they’re Irish.

    Support the Irish folks, its been our downfall for so long.

    Best of luck Jennifer I have no doubt your business will do very well.

    Welcome home


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  3. Im from England and I totally agree with you when you say every one was trying to make her out to be cold, I got a little sick of people saying that she’s a “wonna be ice queen” I have never thought it, I always thought she was lovely and I have lossed count of the amount of times she has made me laugh! She always looks stunning no matter what’s going on and her style is just amazing. I wish her the best of luck with her new business.=]

  4. I find her boring. She is too straight edged, I am not just talking about her hair. Lucky for her, she got exposed on Sir Alan’s show. Not much talent though.

  5. several of our friends have been conned to come on

    a make over, we have been shopping in dundrum shopping centre

    and asked by a rep to come and sign up for a make over!! (not)

    The rep informed us that a cd will cost 70 euros for all the photos

    but in actual fact its 70 a pic on a disc, they try to force

    you to purchase but avoid at all costs, as this a scam

  6. This is a total scam. They tell you it’s €70 then get you to pay up to 200-300 euro. I hope everyone thinking of going there reads this. It’s bad enough that the country is in a deep recession but having these scam artists trying to get at peoples hard earned money is sick.

  7. total scam everyone seems to get the runner up prize happened to my daughter and some people at work rip off… photo shoot not suitable for anyone over 25. it will cost 40 euro per photo on cd rom.

  8. My cousin used to work there strangely enough. I asked her if I could use her staff discount but she told me she didn’t get one so to enter the competition in Dundrum. They had a stand there at the time so I entered and pretended not to know anyone working there. Sure enough I won the €70 offer! It’s extra for all the other photo’s though :-/

  9. bella make over studio (limerick) is a total rip off. did not feel at all relaxed. the girl i had doing my make up seemed to be in an awful rush. got impatient when i was tryin to decide on nail polish colour. i would have painted my nails and done my make up better myself!!! they do all they same hair styles and make up for everyone! smokey eye and volume curls!! we did have great fun in photoshoot though but again was very rushed. the sample photos on their website are ten times better than photos than the ones you get yourself. many of my photos top of my head was missin but was told this was a new style of photography!! prices per photo on a cd (not even printed) is 70e. total rip off. if you are buying a package they wont let you combine group pictures and pictures of yourself on your own! to buy all the photos on a cd it costs 1000euro!!! i definately wouldnt reccommend bella make over studio. all the staff are very fake too.

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