Bluffrs Guide – April 28th to May 4th ’08

You’ve not been able to start the week without it, I just know. So here it is, a day late in honour of the great ball of fire in the sky experienced in Ireland over the weekend.

How not to forge a cheque. Step 1 – Choose a ridiculously large amount of money. Step 2 – Wait for police. Obviously a banjo player.

Seal in depraved sex act with Penguin shocker. Never saw the point of seals myself. Overgrown rats that swim.

How clean is your keyboard and did you wash your hands? I clean hands and keyboard regularly and always after a visit to the little boys room.

Free Tibet Flags – made in China – the irony.

All day porn for Japanase worker. 780,000 hits in 9 months and no one noticed?

Anything for next week?  get in contact.

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