le craic cracked

It wasn’t a hugely busy day for me yesterday. I got home just before 8pm, had a bite to eat and basically couldn’t stand due to a wave of tiredness so I retired to bed at 9.30pm and heard nothing until the alarm went just after 6.

I normally only get a chance to do posts for the blog the night before and I set them to ‘go live’ at intervals during the day, so this obviously didn’t happen last night. I expect the next post on here will be the amazing le craic review of The Apprentice. The TV reception has been decent enough the last few days so hopefully no high pressure sweeps over the country just as I sit down to watch tonight. High pressure makes the reception go to pot.

I’m after flying through a load of the comments as well, and I was great to see so many of them. I think Grannymar said that it’s comments that are the life blood of a blog and she’s right, wise lady that she is. Very wise.

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  1. There was something in the air yesterday! I was like a wet lettuce all day. Much better today. Hope you are too.

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