In the beginning there was Mirdles

as reported by the professor of curiosity.

Now you can get these… Butt pads and pouch enhancement pads.


Special offer on them at the moment, buy 2 get 1 free. Super deal.

All for sale on (wait for it) the Bottoms Up website. Couldn’t have been any other name could it?

They also have stuff for the ladies as well, including silicone nipple covers. What’s the big deal about nipples showing through clothing, is this actually a problem that ladies have to deal with? I’ve never heard of it before I must say.


  1. Yeah, it’s called “nipping out” and it’s not good. Sometimes when one chooses a bra for effect or look more than support or comfort this can happen. It’s not so much the seeing through, but the poking out that’s the problem! 🙂 Now you know!

  2. I know Jeremy Paxman, the thinking woman’s slightly stale crumpet, started the whole men’s underwear debate, and shame on Marks & Spencer for not holding onto the goods. But, don’t you look at Armani(David Beckham)and Dolce & Gabbana adverts? The latter hogging a whole page on today’s Telegraph PAGE 7 – the boys clearly inching their way forward.

    And before you jump down my throat about reading The Telegraph, I read ALL the broadsheets – for more reasons than one.



  3. nope, it’s not a problem that ladies have to deal with and i hate that people seem to think it is! the feminist in me sees the ubiquity of padded bras as some kind of mass conspiracy to obscure nipples and dampen female sexuality. but then i do tend to take these things rather personally.

  4. I wouldn’t wear them Grannymar, but there must be a market for them somewhere 🙂

    Thanks Deborah, I’ve learned something new today.

    Nothing wrong with the Telegraph Ursula, althought it’s the one British newspaper I don’t think I’ve ever bought.

    I see where you are coming from Rosie even though I do now picture you with tinfoil on your head worrying that your thoughts are being tapped into a la Mel Gibson in that conspiracy theory film.

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