Nude Location, Location, Location

Where is Spencer Tunick going to do his naked photography in Ireland? Follow the link and read all about what’s happening in June.

Since the shoots are closed off to the public, a lot of careful planning will have to go into where it takes place.

It says Dublin Docklands for the Dublin event which should make for stunning shots. Hopefully the weather is good as the docklands wouldn’t be very pleasant on a miserable rainy day. The location will be sent out 2 weeks before the event. I don’t know Cork well enough to even guess where might make a good location.

His work really is amazing and hopefully there are enough brave Irish who will register and turn up at the event. Will I be doing it? I don’t think so, far too self conscious for anything like that but a lot of people who have taken part claim it is a very liberating experience so it’s something I should consider a bit more rather than dismiss immediately.


  1. Don’t consider it, dismiss it, without further thought. It will be cold, damp and embarrassing. If God had wanted us to go nude in public he would have never chucked us out of paradise in the first place.


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  3. i got an email about it this morning, thank goodness i checked my reader and avoided any embarrassing Bill Murray moments.

    i think you should think about it.

  4. Well, Green Ink (oddly my preferred colour when writing) I don’t want to start an argument on an innocent Irishman’s spotless blog but I had to scratch my head twice after reading your reply to my comment.

    You do know, of course, the flaw in your argument, don’t you?

  5. I’m sure St. Patrick’s Hill in Cork is being considered (along with two more rural locations)but there are logistical problems regarding screening off the area which need to be solved before a decision is made.

  6. Anyone know where in the Docklands it will take place. I only heard of it but was too late to register. I heard that people in Cork were allowed to also register on the day ? People who registered were also allowed bring a friend ? I’d love to do it – one for the memoirs !

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