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Don’t know about you, but I’m mighty glad it’s Friday. It’s been one of those weeks where the old snooze button on the phone has been hit 3 or 4 times in the morning to get a few extra zzz’s. How was your week? Here are few things catching my eye at the moment.


Wasn’t aware of the existence of these shops in Ireland before, but apparantly there quite a number of them now. Passing by a row of shops on Parnell Street today, I noticed one is to open there soon. I doubt they would like to be called pawnbrokers, but that’s basically what they appear to be. Sign of changing times in Ireland’s economic fortunes or just another business?

Speaking of change in economic fortunes. You know things are tight in retail (and I’m certainly noticing it) when Pixifoto start discounting their famous €10 baby photoshoot session to €5. Retail spending is being hit in all areas, even ones where people would traditionally not mind spending a few bob – in this case on photographs of their baby.



I have my eye on the Asus EEE PC which are now stocked in Dixons and PC World. They are perfect for internet on the go and have the Open Office Suite (word, excel replacements) pre-installed. Impressive little package. The basic unit is €299 , €379 for the 4gb storage version. The link above is to the pixmania website where the 4gb version will set you back only €293 as they have a €15 off promotion on them at the moment. I would stick with buying them locally though. If anything goes wrong, the hassle and cost of having to ship something back for repair is not worth it in the long run. I am tempted, but might hold out until the Windows version appears some time later this year.



Digitrackers is a new Irish startup that will find out what information there is on the internet about you or someone else. The fees look reasonable and although this is stuff you could easily do yourself, there probably is a market for it. le craic wishes them well and hopes their business gets off to a flying start.



Lots of reports abound that the latest Indy flick will run for over 2 hours and 20 minutes! Gulp. It better be good, damn good or this Indy fan will be very disappointed. Slashfilm says they are hearing talk that people should keep their expectations low. I wait in hope.



Finally (keeping the best til last) Jazz Biscuit – what can I say except if his site is not on your daily visits, it should be.


  1. The BBC did an excellent documentary series a while back – called Skint – that revolved around Cash Converters, the people who worked there and the people who used the store. Plenty of poignant stories from both sides of the counter –

    One of my clients has a link with Asus and I’ve had a look at a lot of their products. I’ve been impressed, they’ve got very good specs and appear very well-made. I’m not quite in the market for a new laptop myself yet, but they would be close to the top of my list…do I sound like a really bad salesman? I should try out for The Apprentice.

  2. Thanks for the link Paul, will check that out tonight.

    Jazz, you da chief!

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