Free mobile broadband on Bus Eireann

Yay. Good news for anyone travelling on bus routes from Wicklow, Navan, Kildare and Drogheda to Dublin. Bus Eireann are set to introduce free mobile broadband on these selected routes “real soon now”.

Routes will use Wi-Fi on the bus itself, with one of the country’s mobile operators (currently unidentified) providing the backhaul.

Bus √Čireann communications manager Erica Roseingrave said: “Thousands commute into the capital on Bus √Čireann daily and being able to access the internet, work online and check email will be a major advantage for them.”

The new service is part of a technology programme that also includes ‘advanced vehicle location’, providing real-time passenger timetable information at bus stations, online and by text message.

Next up for Bus Eireann is (hopefully) an intensive training course for drivers on how to use the air conditioning properly. With the exception of 1 or 2 drivers on the Wicklow route,  they either haven’t a clue on how to operate the controls or they deliberately set out to freeze/roast passengers depending on how hot/cold it is outside.


  1. Heh it’ll prob take about ten years before we even see this happening. But I’m sure there’s plenty other things we should be concerned about over free broadband on a bus! It’s so Irish to start installing fancy stuff like this when there’s still ancient buses being used around the country.

  2. Hopefully it won’t take that long. Wicklow route is getting 12 new buses on the route starting next month and I fully expect to be brwosing the net on my n800 shortly thereafter!

    You’re right though, there are a lot of old buses still in service, but it’s good to look for the good!

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