Shiny new watch


Why do I let myself fall for advertising? 2 weeks ago I saw an ad for the Casio Wave Ceptor in a newspaper. I looked at it and thought to myself that I could do with a new watch. In truth, I didn’t really need one, but this watch has a built in radio signal receiver that picks up the signal of the atomic clock in England. It has a light that comes on in the dark when the watch is tilted at 45 degrees. Stopwatch/alarm/dual time zone etc.

My little boy brain just screamed “I want one, I want one”… My big boy brain tut tutted “You don’t need a new watch. The cheapo Lidl one you got a year ago with the compass that doesn’t work is good enough.” Little boy brain : “But it’s cool and you’ll look like James Bond with it on”. Big boy brain : “yeah, right…”.

Big boy brain won the battle, or so I thought. Cue last Thursday afternoon. Was lolling around at work, it wasn’t busy and all of sudden little boy brain started nagging me again about the watch. I said to little boy brain “Look, I’ll go down to Argos and see how much they are so you can see for yourself that you can’t really afford it”. Down I go to Argos, check the catalogue – €199. “See little boy brain, it’s too much + they probably won’t have it in stock anyway”… Little boy brain : “Just check it anyway would you. Just for the craic”. I punch the number in – 1 in stock… “Ok, so there’s 1 in stock, I’m not spending that kind of money on watch today”.

Little boy brain : “Oh, but you haven’t bought anything nice for yourself in a long time.”. Big boy brain : “Jesus, you’re right actually. I think I’ll buy it so”

5 minutes later and €199 poorer, I’ve bought a new watch I really didn’t need. It doesn’t make me look like James Bond but it is cool, and it does look good on, so I’m glad that little boy brain won the battle.

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