Bluffrs Guide – March 31st to April 6th ’08


No more awkward silences during lunchtime in the staff canteen. Le Craic brings you the stories guaranteed to get your week off to a flying start. Be prepared the get your coat.

12 year old boy kills mothers attacker and says : “I told God that I had stabbed him because he was killing my mother. I know he understands, and I think he will keep us safe now.” – link

Proof at last. It doesn’t take that long to satisfy a woman. Sighs of relief all round – phew

Hillary Clinton – Rocky Fan and never to be next US president – bammm

Mobile phones more dangerous than cigarettes? flick

Crocodile Dundee is alive and well in Australia – poke

America is depressed and will possibly take the rest of the world along for the ride – wheee

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