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Ahhh, welcome back Anna. Every guy’s favourite TV lesbian is making a triumphant return to British TV screens on April 12th, when ITV screen the hit show Pushing Daisies. Not surprisingly she’s isn’t over the moon with the constant Brookside references. Interviewed in the Independent this weekend she says:

“When I’m 90 and have done 97 movies and 22 plays, they’ll still call me ‘Brookside’s Anna Friel’! Can I just be plain Anna Friel now, please”

She can of course, but there’s nothing plain about her because:

“at the age of 31, she could easily pass for 10 years younger… when we meet in the chintzy bar of a central London hotel, heads turn immediately towards her. I notice the conversation at the next table grinds to a halt as the business executives – male and female – strain to get a closer look at my companion’s pulchritude.”

I might give it a watch and see what all the fuss is about, and to see the wonderfulness of Anna Friel of course.

Oh, and pulchritude means “physical beauty; comeliness” – I had to look it up. If you didn’t need to, I’m quite sure you won’t be interested in watching Pushing Daisies. Shuffle off to BBC4 or something – there’s bound to be something far more cerebral on there instead.

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  1. “Not surprisingly she’s isn’t over the moon with the constant Brookside references.”

    No wonder she’s spending more time in America, where no one but the most ardent Anglophiles associate her with Beth Jordache. Mind you, I doubt she’d rather be reminded of Sunset Strip, An Everlasting Piece or Timeline

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