The Apprentice returns on Wednesday


Yesss, my all time favourite TV programme returns this coming Wednesday (26th March) on BBC1. Sir Alan Sugar will strut his grumpy old millionaire stuff once more in the fourth series of The Apprentice. There is Irish interest again this year in the form of Dubliner Jennifer Maguire.

According to the RTE article about her she has no formal qualifications and entered working life straight after her leaving cert. She says that when she first ran an office she made €77,000 in six months with no training. There aren’t many who make €77k in 6 months. The usual alpha female (is there such a thing even?) quote is thrown in – “I am an iron fist in a velvet glove”, “I am a success totally”. That second quote sounds as if it should have been sprinkled with some likes, as in “I’m like, soooo, totally successful, like”. She’s also very modest and considers herself to be the best salesperson in Europe.

Check out the rest of the candidates at the BBC’s website and feel free to use the graphic above if you are an Apprentice fan too!

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